Saturday, July 20, 2013


Communications is one of the fastest growing technologies in a hundred years. Communications is also an important part or as a medium enhancing other technologies.

Without communications we would never be able to do what most of us is doing currently, that is hangs out on the internet.Just imagine the world now without telecommunications, internet, radio, tv and etc.Just give it a thought..

Commercial Advertising Part 2

After numerous edits and re- shapes, includes with client's own image which is to cover the surface of the cakes (which looked like worms).

as you can see here, I had no choise but to cut and paste the slices of cake on to a perfec image..

There was so much work has been done to the logo. Number of hours has been spent to re create the logo. At last Ieda Delights logo emerge..

Its not spectacular.. but i'll do it's main purposed... that is on FBs of the founder :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Commercial advertising

Doing some editing work on a product shoot. This a draft copy  of the image

Some changes in logo and remove the  zoom effect. Also own watermark changed to black font despite of white. This is still a draft copy.